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Two Students of ITERA Goes to NCU for One Semester under PKKM by Dikti

Juli 6th, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

Two Students of ITERA Goes to NCU for One Semester under PKKM by Dikti

IIONews- Two students from Civil Engineering goes to NCU, Taiwan for 1 semester Credit-transfer based

Through Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka (PKKM) sponsored by Dikti to curricullum implementation, Civil Engineering department in ITERA has successfully choosen as ITERA representatives and send 2 students to go abroad.

This credit-transfer based international mobility will let students to study in NCU Taiwan for 1 semester and equivalent as 20 credits in ITERA.

Adelia Herawati and Hayyu Sariyah as selected students have been through documentation screening and interview. Adelia admitted that she proud to be delegation for her family, study program and institution.

Similarly, Hayyu that has been inspired to go abroad by a novel are really exciting.

She hopes this activity will increase her knowledge and develop her skill and being more open-minded.

Alfinna Mahya Ummati, as one of the promotor of this program also as ITERA’s lecturer conveyed that they have prepared the LoA and registration.

“When the regulation let us to go abroad (in this pandemi) we’ll process the immigration document so we can arrived there in the right time.” she said.

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