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Tips & Trick to Writing Productively

Februari 23rd, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

Tips & Trick to Writing Productively

Writing is a habit. An academician is supposed to be able to convey their knowledge to the world in understandable words for our society. Nevertheless, writing habit is none of easy thing, even in our study circle. So, here I brought to you, some advices from Muhammad Reza Kahar Aziz, Ph.D., our electrical engineering lecturer who was rewarded IEEE Journal Award by IEEE Indonesia Section.

What is the most important to be consistently writing journal as a lecturer?

First, we need strong intention. Set goal in your mind that we are able to publish our article on High quality journal like IEEE Access, IEEE Transaction, even Nature with significant increase impact factor. Secondly, a reviewing activity somehow keep up our spirit because reviewing other’s article made me want to make my own. Until today, I have reviewed 166 articles which has been verified by Publons. This activity also will develop our writing skills, language, logical, etc. Helping newbie-author or even the experienced one as their co-authors will make us consistently writing and gain publication.

Metric on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Publons, SINTA, H-Index, Citation and so forth motivate me a lot especially if our colleagues can get through 1000, 10000 or even 100000 citations. I will be feel more challenged. This time, my citation at Google Scholar is 103 with H-Index of 6. Frankly speaking, when I see other lecturer has more citation than mine, it makes me so excited to publish the new one. That’s why having wide-network of international colleagues via LinkedIn also helpful because they often share their high-quality articles. The WhatsApp group, mailing list, facebook messenger, connecting with other researchers in the same research interest also keep us to consistently have focus scientific discussion to produce more publications.

What is the biggest challenge if you want to collaborate with foreign institution?

In the beginning, we need to prove that we are an expert by showing how long we have performed the specific research on that study and had many publication having produced particularly in high-impact factor Journal, patent, etc. Thus, they accept our existence. Afterward, we need to communicate effectively to discuss whether general or detail things through various communication tools such email, ms teams, messengers, etc.. Writing paper is been done together through based on LaTeX, doing correction and comment each other. The rest are giving comments directly in Pdf file the manuscript to be fixed by main author. Sometimes we also doing coordination through online meeting just one hour for some weeks.

That’s what we’ve got from him. After this conversation, I hope we all know what to do to start the writing journey. See you on the next story!

Author: Desi (promotion & social media officer IIO)

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