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Success Story from Vito, SUSI 2019’s participant (Student of ITERA to US)

April 16th, 2020 | Posted by: desi kian

On this covid-19 disaster, some students have to postponed their plans to go abroad. Since travel warning published, the best thing that we can do to stop this pandemic is #StayAthome. However, we can’t lose our hope. So let us bring you to the #throwbackStory from our friend, Vito, when he had his international program to US. Check this one out!

Ahmad Audli Natakusuma – somehow people called him Vito –  ITERA’s student from Regional and Urban Planning Study Program joined the Study of the US Institute (SUSI) 22 June – 27 July 2019. He has been selected to be participant and gathered with 19 students from other countries like India, Brazil, Tunisia and Nigeria. This program concerned about Youth, Education and Closing Skills Gap. He also build Community Action Project related to this program to be implemented in our country.

We step back again to his background, to the reason why he has huge motivation to mobile internationally. Since senior high school, he won first champion for regional speech contest and then he won as runner up Start-Up Weekend Jakarta in partnership with Google as the only Indonesian participant in his team. On those events he got many international exposure. Thus, he challenged himself to break the walls, getting more international program again and over again. He admitted that it gave him global social network as it’s benefit. Now He has many friends from all over ASEAN, Asia, Africa, US and Europe. Besides, he is running his community called “Telur Indonesia” that he founded in 2017 with his friends and became scholarship awardee from XL Future Leader.

“The unforgettable story was when I bravely raised my hand, with no doubt, asking to the three representatives of USA during Q&A session in front of people at  farewell conference, Washington DC. Really, really exciting. “ he said

During this covid-19 pandemic, he spent his time to develop IoT product with XLFL, and projected Online-projected leadership program which will be funded by US Department of States. Last March when he finished his Community Action project titled Fun Learning : Visit Your Future he got appreciated by Meridian International Center as the implementing partner of SUSI Program for his success in implementing the program. He got invited as a speaker in webinar: “How to Mini Grants” for 20 participants of SUSI Winter 2020 from 6 sub-Saharan countries such as Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Mali, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

He confessed that his still have good communication and sharing with his international friends about how their country reacted to this pandemic.

“And surprisingly, I realized and proud that Indonesian Government way far responsive compared to other countries!”

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