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“Scholarship Opportunity at National Central University (NCU), Taiwan”

September 8th, 2020 | Posted by: desi kian

“Scholarship Opportunity at National Central University (NCU), Taiwan”

IIONews- ITERA International Office has socialization “Scholarship Opportunity at National Central University (NCU), Taiwan” via Google Meet (8/9) with Prof.Hsieh-Lung,Hsu as Vice President of International Affairs NCU Taiwan. Not only lecturer and staff, students also showed their enthusiasm particularly graduate who tend to continue study abroad.

Prof. Hsu in his presentation introduce about NCU like study program, student activity, and center of research also living expenses over there. He mentioned some funding sources like Taiwan Scholarship by Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta; Ministry of Education (MoE) Elite Scholarship and NCU Scholarship itself and how to apply to these programs.

English, he said, remains to be top requirement regardless his academic value. Chinese language skill is good, however in international class, every first year student will have mandarin course for one semester.

On this event, Acep Purqon,Ph.D as Director of ITERA International Office said that some lecturers and staffs who will be sent to official assignment for study 2021 attended this class for being lectured about what they’ll did and what they’ll get.

“One year before your departure will be an urgent time to prepare study plan. Thus, this will be initial meeting before we face another challenges, like finding research topic, supervisor both domestic or abroad.” He conveyed.

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