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OZT Telescope ITERA: The First & Only Robotic Telescope in South East Asia

November 19th, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

OZT Telescope ITERA: The First & Only Robotic Telescope in South East Asia

Robotic Telescope or Astelco Lunar Telescope System (ALTS) – International Moon Sighting Station (IMSS) ITERA finally start to be operated. The installation of the robotic program and system has been done since November 17, 2021. It has done by the representative of ASTELCO, Tülin Bedel as a technician also as a scientific consultant from Germany to make sure the telescope could be operated and share with the students about the telescope itself on Studium Generale.

OZT Telescope, we called it. It is an abbreviation of our late rector, Prof. Ofyar Z. Tamin. To respect and appreciate his contribution to the existence of this telescope. Recently, It become the one and only robotic telescope (ALTS-IMSS) in South East Asia. It can be automatically controlled from the far distance through the internet. It also can open up communication to another country in terms of astronomical knowledge.

Back to the history, Dr. Hakim Luthfi Malasan M.Sc as Director of Observatorium Astronomy ITERA Lampung (OAIL) said in the Studium Generale (17/11) since the beginning, He believed that this isn’t an ambitious project, this can be implemented instead. Fortunately, amongst all candidates, ITERA was chosen to manage this robotic station.

When it arrived on ITERA, in the pandemic age, team from OAIL tried to built the foundation of the telescope and the foldable cover first meanwhile waiting for the permit of the ASTELCO technician to do the rest installation

He added, this telescope will be used for Astronomy & Astrophysics Research, Instrument Research, Massive Data Base Development, Nova Observatory, Machine Learning, and definitely, public outreach. Thus, the public can be educated about this technology as well.

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