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“Learning is about Journey” | #DoBelCreativeTalk Scholarship, Student Exchange & Study Life in Taiwan

Juli 6th, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

“Learning is about Journey” | #DoBelCreativeTalk Scholarship, Student Exchange & Study Life in Taiwan

IIONews- ITERA held #DoBelCreativeTalk about mainly discuss scholarship and student exchange and study life in Taiwan (6/7). This event presents Rahmandhika Firdauzha Hary Hernandha from Yayasan Pendidikan PPI Taiwan and ITERA’s lecturer from civil engineering department also as doctoral candidate of National Central University,Taiwan.

Acep Purqon,Ph.D as Director of IIO said that this webinar is part of disemination of knowledge from the doctoral candidates. Sharing right from their field of experience could be more express the reality.

Alfinna start her speech by saying, “What’s the point if we are smart just for ourselves? If we can give benefit to other people.. that’s incredible!”

One of ITERA’s strategic plan is prepare this institution as World Class University. Therefore we support the implementation such as student exchange, joint-research, joint publication and actively involved in several international activities or conference. However, Alfinna said, to develop our international program, we have to collaborate and support each other. For instance, lecturer has an important role to keep up the spirit of student to gain their capacity through international program. Besides, some of the lecturers are graduated from various foreign universities which means they have direct access and wide international network.

Moreover, there are lots opportunities from the ministry to support funding with “merdeka belajar kampus merdeka” program. In addition, the information whether in website or social media has overloaded. So, better not making excuses.

Second speaker, people called him Kak Ozha, explained that learning is not only about sit on the class and get degree. Insteads, learning is all about journey.

“We’re Indonesian. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will always under the name of our nation. Taiwan campuses have many Indonesian students. Yet, what PPI have done here is not only paying attention of Indonesian student but also taking care about the education of migran workers as part of indonesian people in other country.” Ozha said.

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