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Kids with ASD are Different, yet Different Doesn’t mean Weakness! #DoBelCreativeTalk 5

Juli 9th, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

Kids with ASD are Different, yet Different Doesn’t mean Weakness! #DoBelCreativeTalk 5

IIONews- Today we have the fifth webinar #DoBelCreativeTalk Parenting Sharing : The Blessing of Having Special Kids. This event presented Dr. Yoga Budhi Santoso, M.Pd from PLB UNINUS Bandung also as a Therapy consultant, and Bernaditha Catur Marina, S.T., M.T. a mom of special-needs kid also as ITERA’s lecturer and doctoral candidate of ITB. There are more than 150 participants during this webinar who are enthusiastly asked the questions regardless of their background.

Director of IIO, Acep Purqon,Ph.D said that no matter how brilliant we are, how powerful our position in the job, our closest circle is our family. Therefore, ITERA indeed assumes each human resource is essential and included of many families. Besides, a successful person is someone who can successfully manage his/her family.

“Religion taught us that every creature of Allah is born perfect. Including people with special needs. They just have different needs. Thus, to recognize their needs we need the right knowledge so we are not confused and having the way out.” he said.

Bernaditha is also known as Ditha as the first speaker explains that Autistic is not a psychological disorder. Instead, it’s a neurological disorder. Concisely, a person could be categorized as autistic if they have 3 main indicators: social interaction disorder, communication and language, and behavior disorder. The sooner we recognize these indicators, the sooner we intervene to optimize their development and growth. However, we can’t do self-diagnosed. It is necessary for us to come to professionals to do the long process in advance.

She added, “Autistic is being different, but being different doesn’t mean that they are weak. So, parents have to be in love with the difference and diversity of their kid’s mind.”

Dr. Yoga conveyed in the second presentation that Autistic is caused by a gene mutation. He added the dominant character of ASD is their inability to communicate properly caused most parents started the therapy with speech therapy. Whereas, we have to found the main cause of their inability for instance their hearing problem, etc.

“Someone couldn’t speak if they don’t understand the language. That’s why we have to adjust the therapy with the main cause of each kid,” said Dr. Yoga.

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