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i-HCDP Program; From HR to HC

Juli 10th, 2020 | Posted by: desi kian

Nowadays, there is an interesting transformation in the management field particularly on how to manage humans in an organization. We’ve changed from Human Resource Management (HRM) to Human Capital Management (HCM).

The main point is, HR sees people as ‘Hire to be Retire’ while HC ‘Hire to be Competitive’. This different perspective affects human treatment in academic institution. Rather than considering them as just an asset, it is more appropriate to regard them as a developing capital.

Human capital defines a bunch of knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individual employees to provide solution. HCM is focusing on strategic ways to maximize talent in order to create value, to direct and accelerate programs. Whilst, HRM focusing on added value by ensuring that Human Resource supports academic institution strategy.

ITERA is now trying to use this Human Capital approach. As a supporting step on this approach, we create an application web: which is a blueprint document of our plan.

“Because resources could be exhausted or become no longer valuable. Therefore, we need a new policy which can improve talent, knowledge and abilities. And this is what IIO do as part of our service. ”

Supporting ITERA’s lecturers for having doctoral program and staffs for master program increase their degree qualification is one of the efforts that must be assumed as multiplying assets (invest), not cost (liability). The policy on Human Capital is managing and developing human ability to increase their performance.

It’s time to say goodbye to HRM concept, and welcome… to HCM!

Author: Acep Purqon, Ph.D
Interpreter: Robbyansyah

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