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Good Bye, Our Hero!

Juni 10th, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

Good Bye, Our Hero!

On Wednesday morning, we are shocked by the heartbreaking news. Prof. Ofyar Z. Tamin, our beloved rector, had passed away due to complications on June, 9th at 6.55 AM at RSCM, Jakarta. That day had become a gloomy day for this institution.

A father figure

As the first rector of ITERA, he has been appointed in October 2014. He had re-elected as a rector in 2018 and shall be finished his leadership period in 2022. Throughout his management, there are many pilot projects and international collaboration as our purpose to be a Center of Excellence of Science & Technology in Sumatra. Slowly but sure, he has built ITERA from nothing to be something. He always reminded all of us to work hard, work smart, and work sincerely.

Besides, many of us feel a deep loss not only because we lose our leader, but also a father. He showed his affection, attention to his ‘second family’ yet He was quite firm and objective in decision making. No wonder we feel like we lose our father.

From now on, we could only remember him as a hero whether in the education field or in our hearts. His humble figure will no longer appear walking down the stairs of the Rectorat building, as we saw as a daily routine. However, he will appear in every integrated and intellected person of ITERA’s extended family.

Unfinished Dreams

Back in the year 2020, the last offline event handled by IIO due to pandemic was releasing 100 lecturers and Asmik (future candidate for lecturer) under Tugas Belajar program to study doctoral and master program respectively (15/8/2020). He showed his impassioned message in his speech. With a shaking hand, he conveyed his huge expectation on ITERA’s educators to go study and back on time because we need them as qualified human resources.

In memoriam Rector of ITERA:
Releasing Lecturers and Staffs

In addition, He wished that they have a big loyalty and sense of belonging to ITERA, particularly for ASMIK whose recruited vertically from the best graduate students of ITERA. The whole process from the screening, decision making, plotting until capacity developing of each person was one of his big struggles to create a new generation who will be committed to education.

Therefore, we owe a promise to him. We have to continue the strive to established both short and long-term goals of ITERA. We are supposed to finish the aim as education institutional. As he mentioned in his remarkable speech,

“Please.. take care of ITERA‚Ķ”

In memoriam Rector of ITERA (left):
Last offline event with Director of IIO at IIO lounge on December 2020

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