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Far From Home

Agustus 12th, 2019 | Posted by: desi kian

Hi! I’m Qonitah Nahda Fitriansyah from ITERA Architecture student. I’ll tell about my short story trip to Malaysia under Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) UGOREACH Program 2019. Not only as ITERA student, but I am also one of the ITERA student ambassadors to be a representative to give positive inspiration for other students to continue to pursue their goals. I never thought that I would be a student who represented ITERA at this event because it was my first time went far away from home even to go out of town, I never went alone! But this is where I had to learn to be brave enough, to control myself and to become a tough woman to slowly pioneer my dreams.

When I departed from Lampung – Jakarta – Malaysia, I realized that I had to be able to rely on myself because I’m the only student exchange that representative from my campus, especially from Indonesia. At the first time it was the hardest thing for me because at that time the majority of students are from Shenzhen China and I am very worried about how I will get together and communicate with them because many of them do not understand how to speak English well. Fortunately, I met with ‘The Buddies’, students who were the committee of the program so that I could communicate with them.

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Day after day passed and I was able to communicate intimately with students from China and Hong Kong fluently. Starting from working together to assemble ‘LEGO MINDSTORM’, then working as a team in making goods from used materials and the most interesting thing is me and my female partner together- as well as assembling a car called ‘The Amphibian Car’ then we won the competition while we were not from the engineering department!! Here I conclude that we can do whatever we want even though it may not be our passion and even though we are women doesn’t mean we’re weak as long as we want to work hard in achieving everything we want.

Overall I felt very happy to come to Malaysia to participate in this program, because of that I can see the beauty city of Melaka called ‘The Historical Site’, I can also learn and know about a culture that is more or less similar to Indonesia but here reminds me in the motto of Indonesian life which is ’Berbeda-beda tetapi tetap satu where I realize that even though we come from a tribe, a nation and even any country we must keep protecting each other and do not overthrow each other. Besides, as a student, I get lessons to be able to continue study hard because there are still many other experiences we need to achieve, never give up and always develop yourself to be a good person.

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In the end, I am very grateful to ITERA exactly ITERA International Centre for providing the opportunity to take part in this program and thank you for trusting me in carrying out this task. And last but not least, I also thank to the UTeM family who warmly welcomed our arrival, especially to The Buddies, I am very happy to meet you all and I hope we can meet again another time. Thank you so much.

This article originally written by Qonita

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