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Guest House

Our comfortable guest houses was located 0 meters away from campus. ITERA offer guest from all over the world to pleasant the environmet for diverse leisure activities. Guest house can be access easily. Many cafetarias are near from the guest house. ITERA’s guest houses only offered for lecturer and academic staff.


Student Dormitory

Most of first year students live in a dormitory because they have nearest access from campus. Student dormitory is also a great place to make friends and study group. ITERA has three buildings of studen dormitory, although one dormitory is currently undertaking important construction and renovation in order to increase the number of rooms available and provide students with better facilities.


ITERA Retention Dam

ITERA has six artificial dams and will be allowed to become a natural dam. The largest dam in ITERA will be used as a paddle sports. In the future, dam can be a habitat for turtles, freshwater fish, and aquatic plants.


ITERA arboretum

ITERA Arboretum devoted to growing trees for conservation, scientific research and educational purposes. ITERA Arboretum established on March 21, 2017. Coincide with International Forest Day, ITERA Arboretum has 2 Ha area that support Government Greening Program and Milestone of ITERA Botanical Garden.


ITERA Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of ITERA will support the task and function of higher education. ITERA Botanical Garden will be a natural laboratory for student mayor in biological sciences such as biology, life sciences, and environment engineering. In addition, ITERA botanical garden will be a natural school for students and the community. ITERA Botanical Garden will collects plants and also planned to be conservation for some kind of a harmless animal. ITERA will try to rehabilitate the land, conserve, and enhance plant diversity of living creatures on the land. ITERA Botanical Garden became a single entity of habitat combined with areas of coursework.


Meterorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Station

The presence of Atmosphere and Planetary Science mayor and Geophysics mayor required the existence of a laboratory which support the subjects of meteorology, climatology, and geophysics. BMKG utilized for activities such as the methods of observation, instrumentation, synoptic analysis, prediction, research methods/data analysis, disaster mitigation etc. The existence of BMKG station is also a form of ITERA lecturers public service in giving weather and climate information service for Lampung people in particular.



Laboratory has the mission to provide educational and research laboratories of excellence for contribution in the empowerment of Sumatera potential, Indonesia and the world through education and laboratory excellence integrated research. ITERA has 13 laboratories for support academic purpose and research.


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