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#DoBelCreativeTalk : Empowering Institution After Disaster Through Innovation

Juli 26th, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

#DoBelCreativeTalk : Enpowering Institution After Disaster Through Innovation

IIONews- Itera International Office held #DoBelCreativeTalk for “Empowering Institution After Disaster through Innovation.” (22/7) . This event present Mizan B.F Bisri, Ph.D from Kobe University and M. Bobby Rahman, ITERA’s lecturer also as doctoral candidate of Ku Leuven, Belgium.

Acep Purqon,Ph.D as Director of IIO said that today is the era of the multi-dicipline project. ITERA’s webinar is expected to have a follow up actions.

“Related to disaster potential in Indonesia, we cannot be paranoia instead of find the solution thus it could be a harmony.” he said.

Mizan F. Bisri on his presentation conveyed that one of his implemented research was CARI (Cerdas Antisipasi Resiko Indonesia). It is combined the Google Scholar and Google Map for Disaster. Through this system, the regulation of government could be created whether for disaster mitigation or recovery.

M. Bobby Rahman also explained that Japan’s researcher was curious to our Indonesian’s optimism. Particularly for farmer surround Merapi volcano after the big eruption 2010.

“Innovation is not only talk about technology, we can also reveal it from the social perspective.”

Like what happened to Kopi Merapi. Nowaday it became hit – from zero to hero – product.

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