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Creative Writing for Students

Agustus 2nd, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

Creative Writing for Students

IIONews- IIO had a discussion about Creative Writing for Students (28/7). This event presented Erwin Dariyanto as Managing Editor of, a well-known news portal in Indonesia. And the second speaker, Handoyo, S.Si.,M.T as ITERA’s lecturer also as the doctoral candidate of Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.

Acep Purqon,Ph.D as Director of IIO said that writing is a process to make a long-lasting work. He added, our body could disappear one day, but not our journal. This is how to change the world through the tip of our thumb/pen.

Handoyo informed that until these days, AS and China has dominated the biggest number of publication. He conveyed how students could produce good academic writing.

He said, “Some students thought that this technology such as copy-paste could substitute the thinking process when you’re making notes while at your class. They don’t realize that we could more understand if we interpreted the lesson with our own language.”

At the end, he added, students will make a final thesis, scientific writing project, student’s creative program, etc.

The second speaker talked about how academics could be spoken through multi-media. Erwin admitted, for a newbie, a challenge mostly comes from the idea, how to express it, and editing. However, it could be managed by doing well-preparation and research.

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