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Congrats!! M. Reza Kahar, ITERA’s Lecturer got an IEEE Journal Award 2021!

Februari 23rd, 2021 | Posted by: desi kian

Congrats!! M. Reza Kahar, ITERA’s Lecturer got an IEEE Journal Award 2021!

IIONews- Muhammad Reza Kahar Aziz, Ph.D., an electrical engineering lecturer of Institut Teknologi Sumatra, has been rewarded the IEEE Journal Award (20/2) on “Professional Development Workshop: Early Career Life with IEEE & 33 Years of IEEE Indonesia” for two articles which have been published on IEEE Access, Q1, IF 3.745. He is one of the 18 members who is actively publishing the journals of IEEE. These two articles are “Integrated Factor Graph Algorithm for DOA-Based Geolocation and Tracking” and “Convergent Communication, Sensing and Localization in 6G Systems: An Overview of Technologies, Opportunities, and Challenges”.

In brief, Dr. Reza conveyed that the first article elaborates the new technique to detect illegal radio transmitter containing information of signal direction from radio transmitter received by minimum of 3 sensors/receivers. These directions are processed by a factor graph algorithm invented for multi-target and moving target. Then, these articles were published on 9th March 2020 in collaboration with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan, and supported in part by Hitachi, Ltd and in part Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc.

The second article talked about the opportunity, challenge, prediction, and what kind of technologies will be useful for Localization or Geo-location and Sensing technologies on “6G Mobile Communication Technology” in year 2030. It’s included Tera Hertz (THz) technology, Beamforming, Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS), Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL), and so forth. This research is a collaboration of expert groups with 13 affiliations from Europe (11), Saudi Arabia (1), and Indonesia (1), in total 20 authors. Furthermore, this project is part of 6G Flagship led by Oulu University, Finland, which are supported by Academy of Finland for 8 years since 2018.

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“We have to be active as IEEE member and produce publication in one of these three places; Journal or Letter of Transactions in IEEE. This IEEE Access is an open access and being favourite place for researchers with big research funding because the process is quite fast and strict to assure the quality of journal. Besides, it needs a high level of novelty to get through the IEEE Journal. ” He said.

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