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Billions of Datas in 60 seconds! – online seminar “Big Data & Opportunities”

September 11th, 2020 | Posted by: desi kian

Billions of Datas in 60 seconds! – online seminar “Big Data & Opportunities”

Who knows that a user-friendly platform to see the Covid-19 transmission which we see every day during pandemic made by billions of data?

Two days ago ITERA under Sains Data study program held Online Seminar “Big Data & Opportunities” (10/9) with speakers Windy Gambetta from Center for Artificial Intelligence ITB University Center of Excellence on Artificial Intelligence for Vision, NLP & Big Data Analytics) and Daniel Oskar Baskoro as manager of secretarial Satu Data Indonesia.

Mr. Windy talked about these days is the age of data where you can access billions of data in 60 seconds on the internet through Facebook, Google, or Instagram. Big Data becomes medium to make a decision where it’s processed by analytical thinking and produces an analytical result that is able to rely on for a decision-maker. However, managing Big Data also has challenges e.g if we don’t understand the meaning of the data itself or the relationship among variables are not well-considered.

The second speaker, Mr. Daniel added Satu Data Indonesia (SDI) is aimed to managed Data from Regional and Central Governance to guide the implementation of Data Managing which is accurate, sophisticated, integrated, and reliable. Besides, it easy to access and use by many institutions to create data transparency and support national statistic system. As we mentioned above, analytic of Covid-19 is one of the utilization of this technology. The others are portal LAPOR!, Haze Gazer, MSight, and many more.

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