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Bamboo as Eco-Friendly Material for Future Architect

Februari 24th, 2020 | Posted by: desi kian

Students from Architecture study program, Farid and Ikhlas have just finished the Asian Institute of Low Carbon Design (AILCD) International Workshop and Conference 2020, Japan. They spent a week at Kitakyushu under supervision of architecture lecturer of ITERA, Rendy Perdana Khidmat also as Team Leader of ITERA lecturers. They made a paper titled “Bamboo Low Carbon Material, a Concept Eco-Friendly for Future Architect”.

One of the students, Farid, explained his idea, Indonesia lives in tropical and has many bamboos. Here, we researched that Bamboo can be used not only as material for building but also for furniture. In addition, research revealed that Bamboo could be as strong as steel if we know how to maintain those materials. As the aim of this program, he observed how to make a building with minimum results of carbon (low-carbon). Their paper has been published in Journal of Asian Institute of Low Carbon Design (JAILCD) and they’ve got certificate of this program.

He confessed that this is his first international experience. His decision to go abroad through university program is the best plan ever and still feeling amazed by it. “It’s unbelievable. Japan is at the top of my wishlist destination country. And it’s winter now!! Haha. It’s just like a dream comes true.” He giggled.

He wishes that he could continue his study abroad. “From now I’m gonna looking for the scholarship to continue study there. And for all my friends, if you have a passion, never give up. Keep Trying!” he said.

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