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Active & Productive during Covid-19 Pandemic

Mei 27th, 2020 | Posted by: desi kian

Oleh: Handoyo, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D (Can). PhD Student of Geophysics Universitat de Barcelona. Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera ICTJA-CSIC. Spanyol


How is it going? Wish everything’s ok. Through this short article, I want to share interesting experience during first year of Ph.D program at Universitat de Barcelona, Spanyol. As we all know that today whole world is facing Covid-19 pandemic.

Spain is one of the biggest number death cases caused by covid-19 in the world. Although Spain government has already decided to Lockdown since March 2020, but the number of cases significantly keep increasing. This turns to a big problem how to do daily activities. All academic institutions and government are closed until indefinite time. Just like Spain, lecturing and researching are temporary closed as well.

As Ph.D student in Spain, I have to stopped research activities in laboratory. It hits me so hard because I intended to work productively since the first time I step my foot on that university. Besides, my supervisor motivates me a lot to keep up my progressive work, so I try to be as effective and productive as possible despite this tough condition. Fortunately, I already created 3 articles that affiliated to ITERA and 2 of them are submitted by publisher. I am really grateful and proud that I’ve bring my institution brand to the worlds and be able to keep being productive during the hard time.

A few tips & tricks to the ITERA’s lecturer that has keen to continue PhD study to escalate their publication journal:

  1. Choose the supervisor who has research project. There will be many advantages that you can get. It doesn’t matter if the offered topic is not similar with our research proposal. Trust me, the supervisor will cooperatively support us.
  2. Choose the PhD program by research. That makes us has no obligation to attending class. My own experience, when I arrived on campus 1 week later, I directly involved to supervisor’s project.
  3. Keep discipline whether in work or presence at laboratory. They will assess us when we became their student. Show us that Indonesian has good work ethic.

That’s all I have from my experience. Those definitely don’t in general case, but more specific to each person. Overall, It can be represented as short brief of the beginning step of Ph.D student. I hope this article Will motivate the readers. We cannot lose our hope to keep being active and productive and productive no matter what. I beg to all civitas academic of ITERA to wish me consistently be productive too till I finish my study in this “matador country”

Hasta la Vista Adios! Muchas gracias!

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